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Say Hello to Glow

A Nutritional Protein Powder Formulated Specially For Women

Your Daily Dose of Healthy

The All-In-One Protein Shake That Gives You Everything You Need In One Serving

Not Just Another Vegan Protein Powder - We're Extra

Getting fit, losing weight, and improving your health can be challenging for a woman today. Meet Glow - the brainchild of women who got so tired of searching for plant-based goodness that fit their modern lifestyle and matched their high standards of food  - that they created their own. 

Our mission is to bring women's health to the forefront of the conversation and provide choices which are honest. Isn't it time we made staying healthy easy? Glow Proteins Natural Collagen Booster is more than your standard protein powder, it is made only from natural & organic plant foods & does everything a standard protein shake does and more. It assists our bodies to produce more collagen, in combination with ingredients & probiotics that also support digestive health & improved wellbeing.  

Clean Ingredients.

Thoughtful Nutrition.

Women at Heart

Collagen boosting superfoods & unapologetic ingredients like Maca & Ashwagandha for it's all-star stress-combating superpowers.

Plant Based Protein Powder

100% vegan formula, deriving nourishment from 5 organic plant proteins, whilst providing 20 grams of protein per serve.

All Natural & Organic

Microbioligist approved, all natural and organic ingredients hand-picked for our unique formula. We believe in real food without artificial chemicals.


1 billion good gut bacteria per serve to support good digestion and help restore the natural balance of gut bacteria.

Glow is an all vegan, plant-based protein powder formulated specifically with a woman's health in mind.

No Nasties. No fillers.

What The Experts Say.

As someone who's formulated hundreds of dietary supplements before, this product stands out from the crowd for a few reasons. Following months of research and product development, Glow Proteins have created an organic, vegan-friendly protein powder packed with key nutrients to assist women in maintaining healthy hair, skin and nails, as well as improving gut health. This formula is free from synthetic ingredients & uses an array of 5 organic, plant proteins and carefully selected active ingredients which most importantly have been included at effective levels to benefit women's health, while not compromising on taste. Glow Proteins has done an impressive job at ticking all the boxes (nutrition, functionality & taste) when creating this new vegan protein powder and have created a product with real ingredients that you can trust.

Francesca Cavell

Food Technologist, BA Health Science (Nutrition)

How Glow Supports Your Health

Helps Build Strong Bones & Muscles with plant derived proteins that can help slow down the rate of bone & muscle loss that occurs as we get older. Also aids in muscle recovery post-workout.

Provides A Vegan Alternative to Boost Collagen without sourcing ingredients from animal sources as typical collagen protein does.

Helps Support A Healthy Gut with added pre & probiotics for good digestive health. Our multi-strain probiotic blend provides 1 Billion good gut bacteria per every serve.

Helps Improve Hair, Skin & Nails by utilising a natural source of silica from Organic Bamboo Extract, which is essential for optimal collagen synthesis.

Helps Protect Cells from Free Radical Damage with added antioxidant and Vitamin C rich ingredients, such as Organic Macqui Berry & Sea Buckthorn

Supports A Happy Mind with carefully selected ingredients like Organic Maca & Ashwagandha for it's all-star stress-combating superpowers.

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