The Low FODMAP Diet & Sunfiber PHGG

The Low FODMAP Diet & Sunfiber PHGG

If you suffer from digestive woes like constipation, bloating and painful gas, you may have heard about a diet that restricts FODMAPs. Research shows this diet can provide relief by calming your gut and promoting regularity. Sunfiber, a natural prebiotic fibre found in our Gut Prebiotics, can also help on your path to better digestion. Here’s what you should know about FODMAPs and how Sunfiber fits in.

What are FODMAPs?

FODMAPs are carbohydrates found in many common foods. They include short-chain sugars and fibres that bacteria in your gut ferment. Foods like apples, garlic, onions, milk and lentils contain FODMAPs.

The acronym FODMAP stands for different groups of these carbs:

  • Fermentable - meaning they produce gas during fermentation in your gut. Like the fermentation that turns juice to wine.
  • Oligosaccharides - complex carbs that are harder to digest.
  • Disaccharides - two-sugar molecules like lactose.
  • Monosaccharides - simple sugars readily absorbed by your body.
  • And Polyols - sugar alcohols like sorbitol.

Research shows reducing high FODMAP foods can help ease IBS, constipation, and other gut disorders. It may also reduce fibromyalgia and eczema symptoms. But the diet is very restrictive and meant as a temporary gut soother. It's best to try it under your doctor or dietitian's guidance.

So where does Sunfiber fit in?

Many fibres are high in FODMAPs but vary in fermentability. Some like beans and cabbage cause a lot of gas. Others like Sunfiber ferment slowly and minimise gas.

Sunfiber is made from natural, low-FODMAP partially hydrolysed guar gum (PHGG). This gentle, non-GMO fibre has a very slow fermentation rate. That's why Sunfiber avoids the painful gas and bloating of high-FODMAP fibres.

Sunfiber supports gut health by regulating food transit and comfortably feeding your good gut bacteria. With Sunfiber, you get all the benefits of fiber without the digestive distress.

Glow Proteins Gut Prebiotics

Our Gut Prebiotics supplement is formulated with 100% Sunfiber PHGG. Gut Prebiotics with Sunfiber offers an easy and smart way to get more fibre while soothing your digestive system. The gentle fibre helps food transit at the ideal pace and feeds your good gut bacteria smoothly.

Try Gut Prebiotics today to easily increase your fibre intake without the digestive woes of high-FODMAP foods, supporting overall gut health. 

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