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The Ultimate Latte Pack

The ultimate pack for a latte lover who also wants to take care of their body, mind and soul❤

You will receive an Anti-Inflammatory Hot Chocolate, Gut Balance & Debloat Caramel Latte and our Calm & Focus Vanilla Chai.

How to best enjoy it: To experience of the benefits of our lattes add to your favourite smoothie or enjoy it as a cold or hot drink.

Our favourite way to drink it is to add 1-2 teaspoons into our cup, mix it well with a splash of hot water until smooth and top with our favourite cold or hot milk/mylk.

Please note that we have made our our Vanilla Chai and Caramel Latte sweeter than our hot chocolate. We would love it if you could write to us and let us know what you think.

For individual ingredients and nutritional panels please refer to individual products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ultimate latte pack

Caramel latte was my favourite flavour and tasted just like the real thing but better for your gut! The chai and the chocolate drinks were nice but not as flavoursome as the caramel. However the chocolate was packed with some nutritious benefits.

We are so happy you enjoyed our latte range Kelly (especially our Gut Balance Caramel Latte) - you have made our day❤ Thank you for leaving us such an amazing review x

Delicious products

My favourite is the Caramel Latte but all three products taste delicious. A great alternative to coffee and hot chocolate and definitely makes me feel like I've made a healthier choice.

Thank you for leaving us such a beautiful review Lisa - you have made our day❤ We are so happy you are enjoying our lattes, especially our Caramel Latte x

Latte Heaven

I purchased the Ultimate Latte pack and I wasn't disappointed. The Vanilla Chai is perfection in a cup. I gave some to a Chai loving friend to try and she went straight to Glow Proteins to place an order. She said it was the nicest Chai she's tasted. I make it on almond milk and it's delicious.
The Caramel Latte I add to my morning coffee to give it a healthy boost.
The Hot Chocolate is nice and not too sweet. I like the spicy kick from the turmeric and black pepper.
I will definitely be buying more.
Highly recommend.

Leanne your review has brought the biggest smile to our face! Thank you❤ We are so happy you are incorporating all three lattes into your daily ritual and enjoying them! Thank you for sharing the chai love also with your friend, that means the world to us x

Christina Maldjian
Smooth Operator... YUM!

This trio pack is the ULTIMATE of health and flavour all wrapped up in beautiful packaging. I have one of each, every single day! Can't get enough of them, It gives my smoothies an explosion of flavour, an extra oomph to my coffee, delicious in warmed/frothed up milk. Can't get enough of it and in the comfort of knowing, it is good for me! LOVE Glow Proteins!!!

Christina your review has made our day❤ We are so happy you are enjoying our trio Latte pack and trying out different ways to include it in your day. So happy x

Jaymi Bunn
Ultimate Latte Pack

This has been a working from home lifesaver. The flavors are so yummy and they hit the sweet spot. I love them for their health benefits too. I’ve been drinking the calm and focus before big presentations for work and it always does the trick! Will definitely be buying again!

Jaymi, thank you so much for your beautiful review and picture! We are so happy you are enjoying our Ultimate Latte Pack and that our Calm & Focus is a big hit before work presentations - you have made our day x

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