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Heal & Revive Bundle Pack


Perfect For

  • Immunity

  • Gut Health

  • Achy joints and period pain

  • Skin glow

Support your immune system and healthy gut microbiota, get that skin glow and soothe achy joints (and period pain) with our Anti-Inflammatory Hot Chocolate blend. 

We have re-invented the very popular Golden Milk Turmeric Latte & added a chocolatey twist with more of The Good Stuff (hello Curcurmin!) so you reap more of the benefits without the Turmeric taste.

Curcurmin is the powerful bioactive compound in Turmeric that gives Turmeric all its magical superpowers. Where you get only 3-5% of Curcurmin in a normal Turmeric Latte, our Anti-Inflammatory Hot Chocolate provides you with 97% of The Good Stuff. We have included 264mg of Curcurmin in each serve.

Curcurmin is known to boost your immune systems defense mechanisms, encourage the growth of good gut bacteria, enhance your metabolism, protect against bacteria and viruses, and support in the liver detoxification process (bye bye skin damaging toxins). It is also known to increase your body's collagen synthesis.

We love having our Hot Chocolate with barista style Oat milk as an afternoon or night-time ritual, or mixing in a spoon in our morning coffee to boost our immunity and heal and revive our body. 

Best part is it contains only 20 calories per serve with no added sugar. It can be served cold or hot depending on your mood and weather.


Research suggests that Curcumin has multiple health benefits:

  • Helps in the management of oxidative & inflammatory conditions, metabolic syndrome, arthritis, anxiety & hyperlipidemia.
  • Stimulates the body's natural painkillers, providing relief for joint pain, menstrual cramps and pains. 
  • Helps in the management of exercise-induced inflammation & muscle soreness, thus enhancing recovery and subsequent performance in active people. 
  • Curcumin in the gut favours the growth of beneficial bacteria strains such as Bifidobacteria & Lactobacilli, with the reduction of pathogenic strains.

For trials & scientific studies please refer to the following:

Curcumin: A Review of its' Effects on Human Health

The Association of Inflammation on Premenstrual Symptoms

Curcumin Attenuates Severity of Premenstrual Syndrome Symptoms

Curcumin, Gut Microbiota & Neuroprotection


  • Reduce inflammation
  • Heal the gut
  • Boost immunity
  • Boost Mood
  • Satisfy Chocolate Cravings
  • May help with Joint and Period Pain

    What's in our product

    organic raw cacao powder (60%), organic roasted carob powder, organic maca root powder, organic lucuma fruit powder, natural flavours, curcumin (turmeric extract) (4%), vanilla bean extract, organic cinnamon, himalayan rock salt, monk fruit extract, sunflower lecithin, organic ground black pepper. 

    What's not in our product

    • Fillers 
    • Artificial flavours, colours, preservatives 
    • Contains NO gluten, corn or soy (but manufactured on equipment that also handles milk, soy, egg, fish, & sesame ingredients).
    • Contains NO animal products 
    • Contains NO dairy 
    • Contains NO refined sugars

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    The Heal & Revive Bundle

    These are my favourite must haves everyday, they are my Power Pack to start the day. The Glow Elixir Premium Marine Collagen is so versatile, no flavour or smell & dissolves easily in coffee, smoothies etc. I have gut issues & this has helped immensely not to mention the boost my skin, hair & nails have had. The Anti-Inflammatory Hot Chocolate is a real kick start to my day, it is a ideal allrounder as it receives inflammation, supports liver function & is packed with anti-oxidants, I have this in my morning coffee with my Glow Elixir…enjoy

    Wow thank you so much Sharon! You have made us smile We are so so happy you are enjoying both our Glow Elixir Premium Marine Collagen and Anti-Inflammatory Hot Chocolate and seeing and feeling some of the amazing benefits x

    Brendan Revell
    Super tasty treat

    Can't get enough of this tasty little treat, plus it's good for you. Hit's the spot perfectly when the hunger sets in around 3pm. Highly recommend 👌

    Thank you for your amazing review Brendan - we are so happy you are enjoying our Anti-Inflammatory Hot Chocolate and that it's the perfect 3pm pick-me-up for you


    I purchased the hot chocolate, chai and latte and couldn't be happy! They all taste delicious, especially the chai! No need for any additional sweeteners and they all go perfectly with oat or coconut milk! I'm already feeling less bloated and look forward to my cuppa! Amazing customer service as well!

    Thank you for your glowing feedback Carmel - you have made our day❤ We are so happy you are enjoying our lattes and already feeling the benefits - the vanilla is one of my favs too x

    So many benefits in an easy to take hot chocolate….. you’ll forget you’re doing good

    Yum! Such a rich and velvety drink that makes my taste buds sing. Starting with one scoop, I quickly stepped up to two and with a dash of honey… I’m one happy girl. I do have a sweet tooth so adding the honey helps to curb my need for more sugary products and since the flavours are rich, the honey is just a sweetener. Really is the perfect after dinner treat that has a spicy note and fantastic aroma which just adds to the experience. I can’t wait to start feeling the benefits and seeing that glow!
    Lucky enough to have the calm and focus vanilla chai latte (which is definitely delicious & reminds me of gingerbread) , the only problem is deciding what one to have. Looking forward to trying the gut balance & debloat, thinking I might mix a spoon here & there, reaping even more benefits at once, plus I’m sure the flavours would enhance one another. Really enjoy knowing I’m drinking something that’s good for me.
    Also have to thank the glow team, the pack was out of stock at the time and I was kept updated and also gifted the gut & debloat which was a nice surprise when opening my delivery

    Thank you for your glowing review Yaz and your beautiful picture We are so happy you are enjoying our lattes and cannot wait to hear what you think when you try the different combinations. Something we definitely need to try too x

    Jenna. M
    So Yum

    Hot Chocolate Anti-Inflamation 😁 taste so good and im glad i found Glow Proteins 🥰A hot chocolate thats good for you. I cant wait to try the new flavours..Yum

    Hi Jenna, thank you so much for leaving us such a beautiful review❤ We are so happy you are enjoying our hot chocolate and also can't wait to get your feedback on the other two flavours. So grateful - you have made our day x

    Become a #GlowGetter