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Glow Premium Marine Collagen

Clinically Proven Beauty Benefits

  • Increased skin hydration
  • Improved skin complexion & homogeneity
  • Less Visible Wrinkles
  • Healthy Hair & Nails
  • Improved Joint Health
  • Healthy Gut

Not all collagen is created equal. Glow Elixir is the one of the most clinically researched marine collagens in Australia with Clinical beauty benefits from having only a teaspoon (2.5g) a day. It is highly bioavailable, tasteless & odourless, making it easy include as part of your daily rituals. Add it into your glass of water, daily coffee or your anti-inflammatory hot chocolate, and start taking care of yourself from the inside out.

The studies & results in our Science-backed section below are not generic in nature unlike other collagen products on the market. They relate specifically to studies done with our marine collagen so you can see how long it will take  you to start noticing a difference. 

50 servings per tub.

Science-backed dosage amounts

Clinical studies showed results from doses as little as 1 teaspoon (2.5g) per day. To notice quicker results, a daily intake of up to 3-4 teaspoons(10g) will deliver faster benefits. Benefits are typically observed after 8-12 weeks of continuous daily consumption.

Anti-Aging benefits based on taking 1 teaspoon a day (2.5g): A controlled study was carried to evaluate the anti-ageing potential of daily oral intake of 2.5g of marine collagen peptides on skin after 12 weeks of daily intake. Results showed benefits on improved skin elasticity and a reduction of facial wrinkle appearance after 12 weeks. Complexion homogeneity and radiance also significantly improved after 8 weeks.

Anti-Ageing benefits based on taking 2 teaspoons a day (5g):A controlled study was carried to evaluate the anti-ageing potential of daily oral intake of 5g of marine collagen peptides on skin after 8 weeks of daily intake. Results showed benefits on skin firmness, skin elasticity and a reduction of wrinkle appearance. 

Anti-ageing benefits based on taking 4 teaspoons a day (10g): A controlled study was carried out to evaluate the anti-ageing potential of oral intake of 10g of marine collagen peptides after 12 weeks of daily intake. Results showed that our marine collagen significantly improved skin hydration by 23% after 12 weeks and total skin extensibility by 24%.

Joint-health benefits benefits on taking 4 teaspoons a day (10g):A controlled study to evaluate the effect of daily oral intake of 10g of marine collagen after 8 and 12 weeks. The results showed that regular intake of our marine collagen alleviated symptoms of knee osteoarthritis such as pain and improved physical function.

    What's in our product

    100% Natural Marine Collagen Peptides 

    Antibiotics & Hormone-Free, 100% sustainably sourced.

    What's not in our product

    • Fillers 
    • Artificial flavours, colours, preservatives 
    • Contains NO gluten, corn or soy (but manufactured on equipment that also handles sesame, soy, eggs, fish, tree nuts and nut ingredients).
    • Contains NO dairy 
    • Contains NO refined sugars
    • NO antibiotics
    • NO hormones

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Lives up to its Claim

    This powder has transformed my skin. My skin which is usually dry feels smooth, hydrated and supple. I love the way the formula dissolves instantly and does not clump which is a lifesaver. Can't wait to see the long-term results!!

    Second time I purchased this!

    Must say I am obsessed! I add to almost everything because it doesn't have any flavour or smell. Coffee, Smoothies, Soup, Sauces, Juice, a whole new world of possibilities. Been using it for a week, my skin, nails, and hair are already glowing ✨ It's super thin as well and easy to mix!

    Results speak for themselves

    WOW!! I have been using this for 1 week only with two teaspoons a day, and my rosacea redness has reduced & my skin looks brighter. You guys don't understand how happy I am especially since I try everything for my rosacea (even giving up wine hahah). Thank you!!!!

    Outstanding! !

    I love this marine collagen I put mine in my morning smoothie. I will continue buying this. I have tried other products but this is by far the best. Also I want to say what will also keep me coming back is the wonderful customer service. Overall and outstanding experience.

    Mixes so well!

    Mixes with my coffee with no clumps and does not alter taste at all. I have only been using this for 6 days so far and can see my nails are shiny and stronger. Need to keep using it more to see the results on my skin.

    Become a #GlowGetter