Serving Suggestion - Cell-Squared Organic Grass-Fed Beef Liver & Spleen Capsules

Take 4-6 capsules daily, for best results our recommended dose is 6 capsules.

Our organic freeze-dried liver & spleen capsules are created from wholefoods so they can be taken with or without food at any time of the day.

In the morning is best, to maximise the benefits throughout your day. We prefer to space out 20mins before food.

If you are new to consuming nutrient dense organs, suggest 1-2 capsules for the first week, then increasing to recommended 4 caps (2g) to 6 caps (3g).

Use our nutrition tables to set your personal nutrient targets & dose accordingly.

Like all routines, practice & discipline returns the greatest rewards.

Give your cooking a nutritional edge. Break open & mix powder in with eggs, mince, soup, stew or sprinkle on top of your favourite meal.

Option to alternate daily or mix & match with other products in our range - organic liver, heart or kidney capsules.

When to take options - 10 to 20mins before breakfast/meal, upon waking, mid morning, 1-2hrs before exercise, mid afternoon, before/with first meal, while fasting - the CHOICE is yours & what works best for your daily routine.