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March 17, 2021 2 min read

The collagen hype, it’s real. More and more studies are coming to light about the benefits of taking collagen, and with so many collagen products on the market we dived in with our own research and tasting (because you can never get enough collagen, right?) and sourced the very best collagen backed up by its own clinical studies, in our Glow Elixir Collagen.

What you need to know: Most collagen products on the market base their claims on generic studies and clinical trials that have been done using a range of different collagen products. So, whilst you may be purchasing a particular brand of collagen there is no way of telling whether the study was done using that exact type of collagen you just purchased and therefore, there is no way of knowing what your actual results will be.

We wanted to be a little different: Our Glow Elixir Premium Marine Collagen consists of 100% pure marine collagen peptides backed by its own clinical studies that have been done using the same marine collagen peptides in our Glow Elixir. So, not only do you know exactly what you are getting, you have the best chance of seeing the results from our clinical trials as the peptides been tested to ensure that the changes you see are not just placebo.

Clinical beauty benefits observed by taking only 1 teaspoon a day – Not all collagen is created equal and not all are sourced the same. Some are not as effective, some are better tasting, and some have been clinically tested and some have not. Our marine collagen peptides are sourced and manufactured in France where every batch is tested for its bioavailability, bioactivity, safety and mineral content. The raw materials & enzyme mixtures have been carefully selected to yield the highest quality marine collagen peptides and amino acid composition to ensure effectiveness. This is why you don’t need as much collagen as other brands to be see results.

Clinical trial results using our Marine Collagen: The following results are based on continuous daily consumption of our Marine Collagen peptides for 8-12 weeks. Based on feedback received from customers, changes have been noticed after as early as 2-4 weeks of continuous daily consumption of 1 Teaspoon a day.

  • Anti-aging benefits based on taking 1 Teaspoon a Day (2.5g): Results showed improved skin elasticity and a reduction of facial wrinkle appearance after 12 weeks. Complexion and radiance also improved significantly after 8 weeks.
  • Anti-aging benefits of taking 2 Teaspoons a day (5g): Benefits on skin firmness, elasticity and a reduction of wrinkle appearance after 8 weeks of daily intake.
  • Anti-aging benefits of taking 4 Teaspoons a day (10g): After 12 weeks of daily intake, results showed our marine collagen improved the skin hydration of participants by 23% and skin elasticity by 24%. Improved joint-health benefits were also observed.

Keen to experience these results yourself? You can find Glow Elixir here.

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