How do you set yourself up for the rest of your day?

How do you set yourself up for the rest of your day?

If you start your day off in positive ways (for example: eat right, don't rush, move your body, read or listen to something positive) you will create a solid foundation for more a more joyful and positive day. If you find that you get up on the wrong side of the bed (for example: negative news, running late, unhealthy food, too much caffeine) the negative energy stays with us for the rest of the day and affects our experiences.

What's draining your positive energy in the mornings?

When I first had the idea of Glow Proteins I was always running late and skipping breakfast. I'd get my take away coffee (still do love coffee - it's kind of like a ritual more than a love actually) and then by morning tea I was so hungry I'd get a unhealthy snack that I was just resorting too because I either had no time or a lot of on-the-go options to pick from. I would then just eat unhealthy for the rest of the day because "I ruined it anyway".

Glow Proteins' protein powder was born from this crazy lifestyle. I was not prioritising myself and was letting the day run me. I am so happy to give women a clean protein powder that is good for both the mind and body. Add a carbohydrate (e.g. banana) and a healthy fat (e.g. spoon of nut butter) to your shake and you have a healthy meal replacement option for breakfast or lunch without all the synthetic unknowns other meal replacement shakes have that your body may not absorb anyway.

Sending you all the healthy feels,

Ani x 


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