Glow Proteins For Immunity By Mikhaila Todd

Glow Proteins For Immunity By Mikhaila Todd

Our Guest Blog this week is from Mikhaila Todd. Mikhaila is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach specialising in Gut Health & Emotional Eating. Here she gives us the low down on some immune supporting foods and supplements that help you keep a healthy immune system and how Glow Proteins can help. You can learn more about Mikhaila by visiting her website, or her instagram page @mikhailatodd


During this unprecedented time, it is crucial to reduce stress, keep our hearts open and do what we can to nurture ourselves, family and community. Nutrition wise: protein, pre/probiotics and Vitamin C are strong immune supporting foods and supplements to keep a healthy immune system.


Protein is known for its association with muscle building and recovery but it also plays a key role in immune function. Glow Proteins includes five organic plant proteins from sources: sprouted peas, sprouted brown rice, sacha inchi, hemp and fermented pumpkin seeds. Protein consists of amino acids that are essential nutrients, meaning we can’t live without them. The ways it nourishes the immune system is by assisting recovery and repairing the body and building antibodies. The sprouting and fermenting processes make these ingredients easy for the body to digest and feeds the good bacteria in our gut.


Between 70 – 80% of our immune system is located in our gut. A healthy gut can act as a barrier against pathogens and serve as an internal pharmacy by creating natural antibiotics. Glow Proteins contains a multi strain probiotic blend that provides 1 billion probiotics per serve and over 10 Lactobacillus genus’s (the best known for immune support). The Protein blend also contains Jerusalem artichoke inulin which is the perfect fibre (good) to feed good bacteria in your gut producing many beneficial by-products.


The Vitamin C rich ingredients: Organic Macqui Berry and Sea Buckthorn provide 100% of the recommended daily intake. The role of Vitamin C in supporting the immune system has long been common knowledge, now is the time to be meeting at least the daily recommended intake.


A special mention must be made to the inclusion of Organic Maca and Ashwagandha. Maca is a superfood (containing an unusually high content of antioxidants, vitamins, or other nutrients) and an adaptogen meaning it can help your body manage stress. Ashwagandhais also a powerful adaptogen. These two combined are a great combination to help manage stress.


Made in Australia with 100% vegan and all natural ingredients containing nothing synthetic or artificial makes Glow Proteins a fantastic immune supporting asset.


Mikhaila Todd


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