FAQs about Prebiotics - How to take your Prebiotics safely

FAQs about Prebiotics - How to take your Prebiotics safely

What are Prebiotics?

They are food for your beneficial bacteria & more powerful in supporting your microbiome than probiotics (which are the actual bacteria). 

You can take all the probiotics you want, but feeding your beneficial bacteria with the right plant fibers, is what makes them grow.

A thriving, balanced microbiome is your ticket to good immune and digestive health. Your good bugs are natural protectors against invading microbes and help manage inflammation.

How to take Prebiotics safely?

To help your gut adjust to new prebiotic fibres start with tiny amounts (1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon) and then slowly work up towards two teaspoons daily.

How to enjoy your Gut Prebiotics?

Sprinkle on your breakfast bowls, in your water bottle, or in your morning latte.

Did you know that whilst most prebiotic fibre supplements can cause gas or bloating, Monash University has certified Glow Proteins' Gut Prebiotics as low FODMAP - the best option to support your gut microbiome without these side effects.
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