100% Pure Marine Collagen

100% Pure Marine Collagen

100% Pure Marine Collagen. That's it!

Want to know a little secret (okay maybe a couple)?
✨ Glow Elixir is super potent and this is the reason why you don't need as much as other collagen powders to achieve the same result.

✨ Marine collagen is expensive to source (even more expensive than bovine collagen). We don't fill our tubs with ingredients which may be cheaper and better for our bottom line. You don't need these other ingredients & you definitely don't have to pay for them. Our collagen works on its own. The clinical trials and results are based on people taking ONLY our marine collagen. If we added in other ingredients, our profit may be larger (as we are using cheaper ingredients to fill the rest of our tubs) but our souls would be heavier. You deserve better ❤️

✨ Our Marine Collagen is manufactured by the leading collagen producer in France and backed by clinical trials. Our powder is traceable so we can vouch for its quality and know you are only getting the best. You won't see a lot of collagen brands on the market that can say the same thing.

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