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We are Glow Proteins

We create ridiculously nutritious plant-based solutions for health-conscious women.

We are Glow Proteins

It all started when we started looking for protein powders to mix in our breakfast smoothies and quickly discovered that we didn't understand half of the ingredients we were consuming, or the promises that companies were selling to us through their 'super smart' marketing techniques.

We were left confused about whether we were being actually being healthy, or if we were only consuming things because we were told they were healthy and helping our bodies. Therefore, we set to create a brand that was not defined by this confusion, to make it easy for every woman to stay healthy even when they were constantly on the go. Our mission is to bring women's health to the forefront of the conversation and provide choices that are honest.

Glow Proteins is made by and for health-conscious women who seek inner and outer health however find it difficult to eat a nutritious-rich diet. We formulate our products with organic plant-based natural ingredients with a mission to help women to get 'un-busy' rethinking their health.

Being busy has become a state of our society, and health + nutrition have taken a backseat. We believe that it is time to reverse this mindset and "unbusy" our lives, and to find small amounts of self-care to nourish our bodies.
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