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INGREDIENTS (CHOCOLATE):  organic sprouted fermented pea protein concentrate, organic sprouted brown rice protein concentrate, organic raw cacao (5%), organic jerusalem artichoke inulin, organic sacha inchi protein, organic lucuma fruit, natural flavours, organic hemp protein, organic fermented pumpkin seed protein, organic rosehip, organic maca root, organic ashwagandha root powder, organic butternut pumpkin puree powder, organic maqui berry powder, organic matcha green tea, organic sea buckthorn juice powder (vitamin C), probiotic blend^,  organic natural sweetener (stevia extract), bamboo shoot extract (silica).


^Probiotic blend of 1 Billion Good Gut Bacteria:   

L.= Lactobacillus   B.= Bifidobacterium   S.=Streptococcus  

L.rhamnosus Lr32, L.plantarum Lp115, B. lactis BI04, L. paracasei Lpc37, L.rhamnosus GG, L. rhamnosus HN001, L. salivarius ssp. Salivarius Ls33, S. thermopilus St21, B. animalis ssp. Lactis HN019, L.brevis Lb35, B. breve Bb03, B. breve M-16V, B. longum Bb05, L.delbrueckii ssp. Bulgaricus Lb64, L. reuteri 1e1