Benefits - Natural Gevity Bone Broth

  • 10 x More Collagen Amino Acids that are responsible for healing the gut lining (along with other connective tissues in our body) - Each gram of Gevity's Bone Broth Body Glue contains 10 x more collagen based amino acids than other market leading traditional bone broths (independent lab certified).
  • Supports Gut Health & Immunity - Strong immunity starts in the gut - Body Glue™️ Plays a vital role in reducing inflammation, aids with digestion.
  • All real ingredients  - Only the best ingredients to promote high performance, increased energy, boosted immunity and better overall health and wellbeing.
  • Maximum bioavailability! Made meat & vegetable free and never treated with heat so your body can easily absorb the nutrients.
  • It’s so versatile - Sip, cook, create, blend, whiz, baste, drizzle, dip. Endless possibilities.