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December 09, 2019 2 min read

Before Glow Proteins came to be, I was going through a “busy” time in my life. I thought I was so busy that it warranted putting certain things on the back-burner.

Then one day I looked in the mirror and realised that my skin wasn’t beaming like it used to, the bags under my eyes appeared to be more prominent and I was just missing something inside – I think I was missing me, that energy that was me. AKA reaching that moment of “life got the better of me”.

You see, I was so caught up trying to be everything to everyone (including myself) and achieve everything, that I realised that I had made certain sacrifices to keep myself going. Eating nutritious meals was one of these sacrifices. Self-care was another…

I had started to skip breakfast, convinced myself that coffee was enough to feel the gap, I would grab quick on-the-go snacks that had were meant to be “healthy” (because ‘they’ told me so) between appointments and running errands without questioning what was actually in them, and how it was affecting my overall health, mood and energy.

Being busy has become the state of our society, would you agree?

How many of us are so consumed with playing our role in society, whether it is a mother, daughter, friend, or wife that our health and nutrition have taken a backseat?

We believe that it’s time to reverse this mindset, and “unbusy” our lives, and to find small moments of self-care to nourish our bodies. Self-care should not be complicated, it can be as simple as this…

Instead of skipping that meal – let’s try and find easier and healthier options that will satisfy our bodies as well as feed our soul.

Instead of reaching for that 3pm chocolate bar – let’s understand why we are having these cravings and eat something healthier in place that will also take care of the same cravings.

Instead of taking ‘their’ word for it – let’s start reading the ingredients and take control of what we put into our bodies.

Our mission at Glow Proteins is to bring women’s health to the forefront of the conversation and provide choices that are honest. We have formulated our products with organic, plant-based, all-natural ingredients with a mission to help women to get “unbusy” rethinking their health and wellbeing.

It doesn’t mean that we can’t have that chocolate bar, or that we need to feel guilty about having that unhealthy meal,  it just means that we balance consciously….We need to listen to our bodes, understand what works and what doesn't, and ultimately how it makes us feel.


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