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March 17, 2021 3 min read

The definition of a Glow-Getter circulating around the world wide web describes a Glow-Getter as a "driven busy girl who strives to achieve her goals in life whilst maintaining a beautiful glow both inside and out". When we first read it here at Glow HQ we wanted to make a few tiny changes. Our latest, more fab, definition of a modern glow-getter is:

"an inspired woman who strives to achieve her goals in life, whilst maintaining a healthy glow both inside & out".

So what did we change...?

 We removed the word "busy." Being "busy" is overrated. Being "Busy" puts unnecessary pressure on ourselves to be constantly on the go, and paints a picture of us constantly coming up for air. Life's too short to live in these realms, being caught in a rip and swimming against it..."being busy" does not sound inspiring at all. 

The moments where we stop, breathe, and ground these are the moments we live for. These are the moments when we notice how the breeze feels against our skin, when we saviour every bite of our food and appreciate it for all its delicacies and flavours, when we breathe in the smell of the jasmine flowers nearby and just appreciate. 

Presence. The appreciation of the now. The space where overwhelm disappears and we feel more in touch with who we are and love ourselves in our entirety...Where we feel most at ease...


 We replaced the word "driven" with "inspired". "Inspired" sounds more inspiring doesn't it? Filled with wonder, creativity, and the new. Filled with a powerful force that has the ability to compel you to create something extraordinary, that only you can create. 

The dictionary defines inspiration as: “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something (esp creative)”.  Inspiration can be challenging to understand and describe because what inspires one person may not have any relevance for another. Words that conjure up an image of inspiration for us are motivation, stimulation & creation.

An inspired woman has positive energy flowing through her veins. Energy that makes them a force to be reckoned with. They become unstoppable, driven and confident. They believe in themselves...

The key is finding your own source of inspiration. What invokes you? Wakes you? What causes a stir deep within you?


 We replaced the word "beautiful" with "healthy" to describe our glow. Ultimately it is our healthy glow that makes us beautiful. When we nourish ourselves from the inside out, we radiate our unique beauty externally. A healthy glow is a combination of the foods we eat, the nourishing thoughts we fill our head with, how we treat ourselves and others, and how we take care of ourselves (moving our bodies, skincare, etc.) and do all the things that make us feel beautiful & sexy (yes it even includes putting on your favourite red lippy).

A healthy glow is also a journey, and fits in the realms of your own definition of balance. It is not held by the constraints of what's right or wrong, it is free flowing and natural to only you. 

So ladies what are you waiting for? Should we glow(go) get her, the most inspired version of ourselves. I can already see the magnitude of fabulousness we will create...

Ani xx



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